Flight Instructor Station

The Whirly Bird Helicopter Simulator utilizes powerful teaching software and comes complete with table, chair, keyboard and mouse.  The instructor station allows for full control of the flight simulation.  As per F.A.A. requirements the instructor may pause/freeze the simulator at any point for the purpose of administering instruction regarding the task, as well as disable any of the instruments prior to or during a training session.  The instructor can also simulate failures to any of the aircraft systems or instruments without stopping or freezing the simulation.  An advanced weather module allows the instructor complete control of both custom and real time weather options which can be changed at any time during the training session.

Instructor Station Standard Features  

  • Instructor is able to manipulate the aircraft geographic location, aircraft heading, aircraft airspeed, aircraft altitude, the wind direction, turbulence and weather
  • Moving map allows instructor to monitor flight as ATC and provide vectors during training session
  • Uses a 24,000 airport data base for training in any part of the world based on procedures as published in 14 CFR part 97
  • Utilizes a dual computer system with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Instructor can view aircraft instrument panels to observe power settings, reading of instruments etc, Com     Nav, and transponder frequencies etc...
  • Records both horizontal and vertical track of aircraft for later playback and review
  • Allows for disabling any of the instruments prior to or during a training session
  • Simulates both partial or total instrument and or aircraft systems failures without stopping or freezing the simulation      


Below are just a FEW of the pages and options that are available in the Whirly Bird Instructor Station.  
  1. With A Click Of The Mouse The Instructor Can Quickly Relocate The Students Aircraft To Many Various Pre Set Locations, As Well As Customizable Locations With Simple Drag And Drop Procedure On The Moving Map.
    The Whirly Bird Simulator Offers A Wide Variety Of User Defined Weather Options That Are Available To The Instructor In An Easy To Navigate Efficient Menu As Shown In The Above Photo.  
    The Whirly Bird Simulator Offers A Real TIme Weather Download Option, In Addition Real Time Metar And TAF Reports Are Also Available To The Instructor As Shown Above.
  2. The Above Photo Shows Just Some Of The Information That Can Be Displayed On The Moving Map Page.  Information can be added or removed by just a click of the mouse.  
    The Above Photo Shows The Wide Variety Of Malfunctions That Are Available To The Instructor, Failure Can Be Simulated At Any Time  
    The Above Photo Shows The Options That Are Availble To Be Displayed During Video Playback Of Any Training Flight.